Grow a virtual garden, while caring for a real planet.

The Kojo project raises awareness about water consumption by developing gamified ways to encourage people to reduce global water consumption.

How it works - Step 1

Track your water consumption

Connect your crypto wallet and water meter to the Kojo Network and start receiving rewards. Using IoT and blockchain technology you can allow Kojo to track your water consumption in a transparent and self sovereign fashion. By comparing your usage against the local average at your neighbourhood, Kojo calculates a monthly claimable reward of $KOJO's that you can spend on growing various digital plants.

How it works - Step 2

Harvest the benefits

By reducing your personal water usage, not only will the fee on your monthy water bill be reduced, Kojo also rewards you with $KOJO's which can be staked, spend or traded. In case you choose to spend your $KOJO, you can grow seeds into plants to raise your monthly rewards even more!

How it works - Step 3

Care for the planet

By aiming to use less water than the people in your neighbourhood, you lower the regional average which results in a chain reaction of less water use throughout the neighbourhood. Start growing your virtual garden, while caring for a real planet!


to a greener planet

Kojo is an ungoing project as long as there are yet opportunities to be explored to sustain water consumption. Let's start building!

  • 2023 Q1

    Product Launch

    Kojo launches with its core features. Mint seeds, harvest rewards, grow plants, develop a garden, track consumption, compete worldwide.

  • 2023 Q2

    Rare Seed Airdrops

    In rare occasions, wind carries over rare seeds into your garden. The bigger your garden, the bigger the chance of discovering exotic plant breeds in your garden.

  • 2023 Q3

    A Metaverse Garden

    Port your plants over to the metaverse and use them as decorative elements or skins in games!

  • 2023 Q4

    Te be continued...

    Many more ideas and concepts await development. Stay tuned for more info!

Trust Indicators

built right from the beginning

  • Minted on Polygon

  • Hosted on IPFS

  • Utility NFT

  • Metaverse Compatible

Meet the team

Yes, we do hug trees.

  • Eva Vergucht

    Strategy Engineer

    Project Manager

  • Jerom Verschoote

    Visual Artist

    Smart Contract Engineer

  • Wout vandesompele

    Front-End Engineer

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Gaël Fincioen

    Token Economics

    Sales Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I participate?

    After registering your IoT water meter and collecting Mumbai tokens, you can connect to our amazing dApp and off you go!

  • Do I need to buy Mumbai tokens?

    Mumbai tokens are freely available and can be obtained via the Polygon Faucet.

  • What if I move to another house or apartment?

    Using DID technology, you can claim your new household/IoT water meter and transfer your already earned Kojo tokens & NFTs.

  • Where can I sell or buy NFT plants?

    Using the OpenSea market place, you can sell your precious plants or buy that one plant that you were dreaming of.

Start growing

Thrilled to grow your first virtual plant?! Go ahead and buy your very first seed in our in-browser dApp. The mobile dApp version is on its way, sit tight!